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Applying for a fast track course with Aqua Style

Please fill in the form below to submit your application, alternatively you may prefer to download and print a copy of the form and once completed post or fax it back to our office.

Fast Track course application form

Swimmers surname:
Swimmers first name:
Confirm e-mail:
Phone number (day):
Phone number (eve):
Mobile number:
Date of Birth:
Any medical issues:
 * Please select crash course to view full course details.
Student ability:
Swim unaided:
Able to do:
Front crawlBack crawl
Breast strokeButterfly
Needed if swimmer is under 18 or is other than the applicant.
ie parent or gardian of the intended student.
Tick box to confirm you have read and understand our conditions.
Where/how did 
you hear about us:
If your application is as a result of a personal recommendation please tell us who it was from.

Alternative fast track course application form

Our application form is available in PDF format and may be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon below, if you have problems viewing the form on your PC you may need to download a PDF reader such as Abode Reader.


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